Monday, November 14, 2011

Let's go for a Sleigh Ride!

by Malena Lott
I'll confess: I'm a holiday junkie. I love so many things about October through January 2nd that I couldn't even list them all here, but what they have in common is tradition and that magical romantic quality about the season as a whole. It gets cold. We get closer. Don't we call more, hug more, make more of an effort to connect? The world doesn't slow down, but it does feel more in focus.

Sleigh Ride: A Winter Anthology is definitely my homage to the season and how something as simple as a sleigh ride can have such meaning in our lives. I invited fellow Girlfriend Authors Maggie Marr, Maria Geraci and Samantha Wilde to be a part of it and they graciously accepted. You'll also be introduced to debut authors Dani Stone, Jenny Peterson and Megan Barlog, who are great writers you're going to be seeing a lot more from.

To celebrate our launch, we're doing several great contests including the 7 Sleighs/7 Days of Giveaways contest (now on day 4) as well as the Big Stuffed Sleigh Contest that ends Nov. 30th ($150 value.)

The book is available in trade paperback and ebook. For a chance to win a print galley of Sleigh Ride, leave a comment on WHO YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE A SLEIGH RIDE WITH IF YOU COULD INVITE ANYONE IN THE WORLD. What would you talk about? Or would you not be talking? :) Thanks for reading, and happy holidays! 

In order of appearance:

In Samantha Wilde's "Monks and Musicians," a family sleigh ride turns a mother's life upside down, leaving her to decide the fate of her future and family.

In the romantic comedy "Noche Beuna," Maria Geraci shares what happens when a woman breaks tradition and takes the holidays into her own hands.

Jenny Peterson explores the powerful bond of sisters with a painful past in "Fairy Lights."

A phone call out of the blue from the former great love of her life causes a pharmacist to question her past and whether or not a second chance is worth the risk in Dani Stone's humorous, "No Place Like Home."

In Megan Barlog's story, "The Escape," a stable owner with a hover sleigh is drawn to a troubled young woman who needs his help to avoid the bleak future planned out for her.

When her dog jumps out of the car in a snowstorm in Vermont, the California girl has the wildest night of her life on her journey to find her dog and heal her heart in Maggie Marr's, "Dashing Through the Snow."

A grieving mother returns home at the holidays to face the family she walked away from after tragedy in Malena Lott's, "Snowflakes and Stones." 

Called "beautiful" and "touching," this collection is a Good Read/Good Deed project with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the domestic violence prevention cause through the Alpha Chi Omega foundation.  


  1. Love this!! Cross-posting on my blog, thanks!

  2. Thanks, the stories sound so wonderful I feel chilly already! (I'm in Texas; it might be the air conditioning...) Off to brew some hot chocolate and check out your book.

  3. Jill, thanks so much for sharing. Cindy, ha - I know it's unseasonably warm today in our parts, isn't it? But if I hide inside I don't know the difference. Thanks for checking it out.

  4. This looks like so much fun! I'd also pour some hot chocolate but it's in already in the 70s here in Georgia.

  5. I would love to share a sleigh ride with the love of my life my husband John. I miss this man very much since he has passed away and I would love to share another memory making time with him. We would sit there holding each other and murmuring words of wonder about our surrounding and riding in a sled and if I'm lucky we would share words of love for each other. Is it too much to ask for a kiss? I'll just have to use my imagination to make it happen and hope John hasn't decided I need to do the driving. That would be another tale. LOL.

  6. Pick just one person to be on a sleigh ride with? OOoh.
    From the not living writers: Samuel Clemens. And I'd just want him to say anything and everything that came to mind.

    From the Living: award winning novelist Han Nolan.

    From my heart, my Dad. I'd bring him back for that ride to just ask him everything I never did when he was alive.

  7. HUGE congrats on the release to Malena and everyone involved!!! I've been looking forward to this anthology ever since I heard about it -- what fun ;). And I'd take my son on a sleigh ride. He's never been, and I know he'd love it...

  8. Juanita - BIG HUGS TO YOU.
    Kath - you and Juanita are going to make me cry. Hugs to you, too! Holiday are always tough remembering our loved ones we wish could still be with us.
    Marilyn - thank you. My lil one has never been on a sleigh ride pulled by horses, either. I know he'd love it.

  9. I love the idea of picking someone for a sleigh ride. It's even better than a desert island! There are a couple of great spiritual teachers I wouldn't mind hanging out with, like the Dalai Lama. You've done so much for this book! I can't wait to hold it in my hands and read it again.

  10. Okay, this is kind of embarrassing but I've had a crush on the young Kevin Costner since the early '90s. With that said, I would like a sleigh ride through Sherwood Forest with Kevin Costner as Robin Hood snuggling up close beside me. LOL. Is that too much to ask? And, no, we wouldn't do much talking....

  11. It would be Jon Bon Jovi and it's quite okay, my husband knows all about my deep-abiding love for Jon :) We would talk about everything. I'm hoping a little serenade would be in order. (Him singing, not me!)

  12. Samantha, it has to be a more peaceful ride with the Dalai Lama than the one you gave your characters, right? ;)

    Kelly, LOL Kevin AS Robin Hood. Too cute. He really has aged well, too.

    Mary, nothing wrong with some quality Jon time, and YES on the serenade. I'd do the same with Michael Buble. I love him so much I'm giving away several copies of his Christmas CD with the promotion for this book!