Monday, September 27, 2010

Pulling on my Big Girl Panties

Hi, I’m Stephanie Julian and I’m happy to be at the Girlfriend’s Book Club.

Since this is my first blog here, I thought I’d introduce myself.

I’m a romance writer (of the erotic variety). I’ve been a writer all my professional life, first as a journalist then as a romance novelist. I sold my first romance (a sweet one to Avalon) in 2003, sold another in 2004 then completely switched my focus and began selling to Ellora’s Cave in 2008 and to Sourcebooks Casablanca earlier this year for their new erotic line.

When you’re a romance writer—and in particular, an erotic romance writer—you’ve got to be ready.

For the questions. Those questions. The snide and the sly. And the looks. The pursed lips and the rolled eyes. The leering smiles and the occasional cold shoulder.

You have to pull on your big girl panties, straighten your back and smile and say, “Yes, I write erotic romance.”

I didn’t start out planning to write erotic romance but I love the freedom of expression available to me in erotic romance.

I adore writing detailed love scenes and the ability to say what I want exactly how I want to say it. I love being able to explore, in depth, every aspect of a romantic relationship.

Now, critics might complain that there’s no plot in erotic romance.

So not true. Erotic romance simply examines a relationship with an emphasis on the sexual and emotional interplay of the couple. And isn’t that the core of any loving relationship?

Of course it is.


  1. Great post. And a wonderful explanation of erotic romance.

  2. This is very interesting. I'm drawn, of course, to the tension you mention of being a writer of erotic romance and I'm wondering what sort of questions people ask, what expectations they have of you. It might make for an interesting story premise.

  3. I love erotica! Even belong to an erotica book club.

  4. You just keep writing whatever your heart desires with apologies to no one. Make love not war... just as true now as it was when I had that poster on my dorm wall a hundred and forty seven years ago. Great post!

  5. Hi, Stephanie! I'm with Saralee...write what your heart wants to write. That's what it's all about. :-)