Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Book Birthday to A Pug's Tale (+ The Titles That Got Away)

K, so you know how for the past, oh let's say three, months I've been all "My book is coming out in three months!" and "My book is coming out in two months!!" and "OMG! My book is coming out in just one more month!" Well, that is now a thing of the past, because...wait for it...MY BOOK IS OUT TODAY!

This is my first book release in almost three years and I am very, very excited about it. I hope that you'll get a chance to check it out. You can read the entire first chapter here and see a video in which I talk about the book here. Also, and this is important: there are pugs in the video. They appear at minute 1:30. Love them!

So that's that, and the other thing I was thinking of (granted, I've been thinking of few other things other than A Pug's Tale) is something I'm calling The Titles That Got Away. Recently the lovely writer Sarah Pekkanen posted on Facebook asking for title thoughts for her newest book. My reply was that I was excellent at picking book titles, but they always get changed. To wit: "To All The Dogs I've Loved Before" became the book "Pug Hill." "Things To Do in the City with Your Dog" became "City Dog" and "Pug Heist" became "A Pug's Tale." Writers, I'd love to know about titles of yours that got away, and readers, I'd love to know what makes a title sing to you?

Thanks all, and happy reading,


  1. Happy pub day, Ali! Can't wait to run out and get my copy!!

  2. Happy publication day! I adore the cover of that book!

  3. Congrats, Alison!
    I'm not at home or I would send out an email so everyone can congratulate you and facebook or twitter about it. I will do it when I come back!

  4. Happy pub day Alison! Thank you for the shout-out - as you know, I'm the worst at titles. But any book with "pug" in the title is guaranteed to make me smile - and to buy it! xoxo

  5. Titles are tricky, but cover art...now that seals the deal for me on a book. This one would get my attention on a table of other books!
    Congrats Alison, enjoy the excitement!!

  6. Two of my books got changed by the editor, but they were definitely better than mine. My first novel THE STORK REALITY was originally FOR EMILY WITHIN, which gave away the gender of the baby, of course and sounded more like...what, a gift tag more than a book title? ha. Good luck with your sales, sweets.

  7. hooray Alison! I totally love the title "Pug Heist". how could they have changed that?

    I've had an awful time with the title for my January release. It started out "A Taste for Murder", which described a murder mystery about a food critic pretty darn well. But the publisher wanted it changed so we went through about 50 possibilities and finally landed on "An Appetite for Murder." Sigh. pretty close to where we started!

    I try not to get too attached to the one I start out with. Very best wishes for this new book--I'm off to tweet now.