Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Do You Have A BookSister? You Should!

By Saralee Rosenberg

The BookSisters are coming for dinner this week. Nothing pretentious like a Gertrude Stein gathering (although if Hemingway wants to drop by he is most welcome)- just a fun girls night in to catch up on family news, works-in-progress and the state of the book biz (sigh- we will kiss our Borders Rewards cards goodbye).

We began meeting three years ago - relative strangers brought together by mutual friends and a shared passion for novel writing and novelists.... Carol Hoenig, Debbi Honorof, Brenda Janowitz, Ellen Meister and myself locked arms immediately, understanding the power of bringing great ladies together with great ideas.

There was so much to share over lunch, it spilled over into phone calls, emails, extra lunches and the occasional Red Mango.. Aside from motherhood our other common connection was that we lived on Long Island. An hour from the heart of Manhattan's publishing scene but akin to Siberia in terms of respect. "Oh... You live in the suburbs?"

Every few months we'd meet to talk shop and lend support. "Another rejection? Don't worry. You'll get this published." "Agent issues? Here's what I did..." "Anyone want to be my gentle reader? YES!!!!"

We have shared good times, scary times, challenging times and victorious times. We have laughed and cried, pushed and encouraged, and mostly proved that life and careers are so much sweeter when kinship keeps you afloat.

Now our little group has expanded to include other dynamic, talented women who bring new and different experiences to the party. Book publicity, feature films, lecture circuits... Welcome Susannah Greenberg, Susan Henderson, Debra Markowitz, Alix Strauss and Vivian Swift. Can one room take all this heat and talent?

We're about to find out. Everyone has offered to bring wine tonight and only good can from that! So like the brilliant authors who gathered in parlors of the past, we will talk craft while toasting the sweet life (Brenda we will miss you and will raise our glasses to your fabulous book deal and growing family!!).

I never pledged a sorority in college, but so appreciate being surrounded by a family of sisters who care, share and never fail to bring me back to center.

Books are our business but friendship is our salvation. Here is to the BookSisters! Long may we publish!

P.S. Writers unite. If you don't have a BookSister, reach out and form a group in your community. There will be no looking back.


  1. Saralee
    This is lovely! I so love belonging to groups of strong and wonderful women. I think we need a 'Book Sisters' in LA.

  2. Yes, absolutely! Fantastic post. I have some online BookSisters, wish we all lived in the same city. Writing can be both beautiful and grueling, and the business is a whole 'nother story. It sooo helps to share the roller coaster with other writers!!!

  3. Saralee, I love your BookSisters group! You guys are fab! :-) I don't know what I'd do without my writing pals. Some are here in town (and we do lunches when we can!) and others are across the country; but, regardless of geography, we're there for each other and able to listen, advise, and understand!

  4. "Books are our business but friendship is our salvation."


    Love you, Saralee!!! (And hugs to my booksisters everywhere!)

  5. Saralee, I love this post!!! I couldn't have said it better myself. Love my Book SIsters!!

  6. wonderful group of ladies! can you see me waving at you from across the Sound in Connecticut? writing friends are the best part of this business!

  7. Thanks, Saralee and all the book sisters! I'm relatively new to the group and the area and it was great to join this group of like minded literary and accomplished and friendly sisters! So much fun!

  8. Thank you so much, Saralee, for such a beautiful post. I'm so grateful to be a part of this group and eager for our next get together...



  9. I'm so honored and excited to be part of Book Sisters. Saralee is hostess extraordinaire, and it's wonderful to gather with such talented authors and dynamic women.