Thursday, November 3, 2011

My First Attempt At Indie Publishing!

I wrote four books for Dorchester in the Bombay Greatest Hits series.  When I got my rights back, I published my backlist.  Then, two years later, I finally sucked it up (and caved in to angry fans) and wrote the fifth story in the series, putting it up myself.

PARADISE is a novella.  According to my sister, this means it's in Spanish.  I had to explain to her that no, this was just a shorter novel.  She asked why that wouldn't be a novellette. 

After writing 300 page books, a 150 page book should be easier to write, right?  Wrong!  It was much, much harder.  I was used to the luxury of 300 pages to spread the story out.  Pacing is everything.  But in half of that space, I still had to have a compelling mystery (which I really hope I had), show growth in the character and give a realistic story arc.

And my characters were having none of that.  The Bastards.

It took longer than a novel to write.  I wonder how much of that is in my head.  It was an intimidating task.  I'm not sure I would do it again.  But so far (10 days) the fans seem to like it.  So maybe I won't give up on that idea just yet.

I do love the freedom associated with indie publishing.  I'm thinking of doing a collection of short stories - all featuring various Bombays through history.  Of course, I might be biting off more than I can chew. 

I'll let you know how it goes.

Leslie Langtry


  1. Looking forward to hearing more about indie publishing!!

  2. It is an interesting time to be an author!

  3. Good luck and keep us updated! I love that word novelette!