Thursday, December 29, 2011

Intentions for 2012

by Maggie Marr

There is a certain weight attached to being the 'final' something. The final score, page, sentence, word, second. With the word 'final' a breath-holding heart-stopping moment happens where I wait for those final seconds to tick off the clock--so that I actually remember whatever final I am experiencing. I've had a number of 'final' moments in 2011 and they are all seared into my brain, but I have one more final before I finish out this year.

I am the final Girlfriends Book Club blogger for 2011.

For me, the end of year always includes hints of melancholy, but it also brings rejuvenation--hope--excitement for the newness that is the beginning of the adventure that is the new year. I am a soulful believer and participant in The New Year's Resolution. I even write them down and some years when I can actually remember where I put my resolutions--you know so I wouldn't forget where they were--they serve as fabulous entertainment around mid-July (okay sometimes as early as March) of all that I'd hoped to accomplish on January 1.

There is always the requisite 10 pounds (post childbirth it's 20). The new exercise regime (my muscles already ache just thinking about Sunday). The writing regime, housekeeping regime, cooking regime, and of course the being a better parent, wife, daughter, friend, volunteer...human.

But this year I am not making any resolutions. None. Not one. I guess in some sense the act of deciding not to make a resolution could actually be considered a resolution in itself--you know not making one is actually making one--suddenly I feel as if I am staring into a funhouse mirror.

I digress.

This year instead of resolutions--I am making New Year's Intentions.

What's the difference, you ask? Tomaytoe, Tomahtoe, you say. Oh, no, no, no, harbinger of doubt--there is a difference. If not convincing for you, loyal reader, at least let me try to convince myself.

An intention is an aim or a plan whereas a resolution is a firm decision to do or not do something. Now--I decide to do a whole lot of things but it is when I actually make a plan--set a goal--that these things actually get done.

What about all those Mid-July funnies (okay fine March) that were former resolutions, you ask--weren't those plans--goals--intentions in disguise?? Hmm??

Well--no. For some reason the term resolution has a negative connotation for me (and not because it always causes my muscles to ache for at least 2 days) but because a resolution seems as if it is barring some action even when it is a resolution to do something. Whereas the word intention--well it seems so light and carefree in comparison--filled with good will and hope. While Resolute is a stern-faced older man with a disapproving glare.

This year I am going with intentions and while I won't bore you with my entire list, I will share a few.

1. I intend to try and be the most magnificent me that I can be. (This one encompasses the whole better Mom/Wife/Daughter/Volunteer/Author/Human Being resolution.)

2. I intend to be grateful for all that I have and all that I am given.

3. I intend for Can't Buy Me Love to be the very best contemporary romance that I can write right now.

(Publishing E-Book March 2012!--read an excerpt here).

4. I intend to be healthy. Which means continuing my yoga (yes--I've finally found an exercise I like and I do nearly every day) and eating healthy most the time. (I can eat unhealthy when I really really want to.)

5. I intend to try and embrace all the moments that race by--not just the final ones--because all these moments make up my life and I am blessed to get them.

So what about you, brave reader? What resolutions, intentions, plans, goals--whatever you want to name them will you be making in the final moments of 2011. Share them in the comments section--there is a free e-book of Can't Buy Me Love available for one lucky winner--of course you'll have to wait until March for the e-book but hey, it might be good companion reading for all those funny intentions you make right now!

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Maggie Marr is a reformed resolution maker who lives in Los Angeles. She is married and attempts to be an excellent mother of two. She has a law degree she no longer uses--much. She also was a motion picture literary agent. Now she writes books and screenplays and produces films. Can't Buy Me Love her latest book and first contemporary romance publishes March 2012 and will be available on e-book. You can follow her at


  1. What a great close to the GBC posts! I love the idea of an intention because, resolutions--schmesolutions--neither one makes sense.

    Funny you mentioned yoga...I decided to get back to it this year. If nothing else, it was sweet quiet for an hour!

    May your 2012 be filled with blessings!

  2. Thank you, Christa. May 2012 be filled with laughter, love, hopes and dreams.

  3. What great intentions, Maggie!! I hope you achieve them all!! I think this was the perfect post to end the year!!

  4. Love this post, Maggie! I am all for intentions, and yours are wonderful. I wish you all best in 2012. Thank you for a great read.

  5. Maggie, I love this! And what a wonderful way to end out the year.

    Your intentions are really great-- can I just borrow all of them?!

  6. Loved the post and loved the excerpt. Thanks for taking us into the new year!

  7. I intend to see you more in 2012 - although we did have a nice run in 2011, Happy new year, Maggie! xo

  8. I once resolved to read 365 books in the following calendar year, so... Happy New Year!

  9. I loved this Maggie. It reminds the other big difference between resolutions and intentions. The resolutions come standard equipped with the naughty/shaking finger, like every issue of Parents magazine. The intentions are honest and human and like any journey, begin with the words I'll try... I bet you'll be more successful than ever and can't wait to hear your progress reports.

    Perhaps Paul McCartney could re-release one of his songs and call it: You Say You Want a Resolution....

    Happy new year!

  10. Hi, Maggie: I've visited several blogs today on this topic. I have no resolution. But to borrow from a friend, to be positive, to be healthy (btw, congratulations on yoga! I love it), to love my men and friends.

  11. Happy New Year, Maggie.

    I'm with you on the subject of resolutions. They only make you feel bad when you realize you can't hold to them. Plans/intentions have some flexibility. They're kinder, gentler.

    May all of our plans come to fruition in 2011!

  12. I intend to write the best books possible and to always have a smile on my face.

    I loved this post!

    Happy New Year!

  13. Hey Maggie! I blogged today on Women Unplugged about 2012 resolutions. One of the commenters said she rather believes in life choices. So my life choice, not just for 2012 but for EVER, is to think positive and to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Another person reminded me that our lives are not dress rehearsals. This is it baby, so make the most of it. As you said, every second constitutes your life, so make it count.

  14. Maggie,
    Great post! I've never been one to make resolutions, but our household is big on intentions. I never thought of specifically using intentions for new years but I'm willing to try! So along those lines... I intend you have a Happy New Year!

  15. Loved your post, Maggie!
    I intend to be healthier, too-which includes more exercise and finding a balance between writing/promo/conferences and rest.
    My other intention is really part of that balancing act-I intend to spend more time with my loved ones-my boyfriend, family and friends.
    Eden/Eve :)

  16. Thank you -- all of you -- for your kind comments about my post. I am grateful to have so many wonderful writer friends and colleagues. Thank you for sharing your resolution, goals and intentions for the upcoming year!

  17. "Intentions" instead of "Resolutions"-- I love it! Then again, I've always been one of those people that stumbles through life with the best of intentions but rarely the best results! LOL

    I'm looking forward to reading your blod posts in the upcoming year. Best wishes for 2012!

  18. One of your intentions really resonated with me, Maggie. I also intend to be gracious and grateful throughout 2012.

    All the best to you!

  19. Proof that resolutions don't work: visit the gym in January/February/March ... it's packed. Visit the gym in April/May/June/July/August etc. and there's tumbleweed blowing across the treadmills.

    Thanks for the great post!!! I like intentions better than resolutions, too.

    Happy New Year to all! xo

  20. Thank you, Ellen! Have a blessed New Year!