Friday, July 27, 2012

T.V. Trunk

Like many on this blog, I don't have a trunk novel. I've only written two novels and they are both out in the world. Right now I am in Spain at an artist residency working on the third and fourth.

For me, my "trunk stories" have been more in the realm of television, the world I used to inhabit. I wrote on many shows until I eventually created my own. This was all well and good, but after that ended I could never seem to sell another, despite numerous ideas and pitch meetings. There was The Downsizers - the rich family who loses everything in the financial crisis and has to downsize from their mansion on Park Ave. to a little house on the prairie, so to speak. Then there was The Brat Pack - a kid's show spoofing the Rat Pack. And my all time favorite, Pete's Feet, a show narrated by a kid's feet (I still have hope for this one).

Well, it's a good thing I moved out of television and into the much more reliable and profitable industry of writing novels. NOT. But this job does allow for wonderful experiences like moving to Spain for a month to travel - er - write.

I can't remember if I posted this in an earlier blog, but won't you please take a look at my book trailer, and feel free to spread the word to your cat-loving friends?

Gracias, and Adios.

Melissa Clark is the author of Swimming Upstream, Slowly and Imperfect and is working on her third novel, Bear Witness. She has recently discovered the joys of the siesta.