Thursday, August 30, 2012


Hi Everyone!

So: the theme right now is transitions.  Sometimes the GBC theme o' the month does not, shall we say, speak to me.  So I talk about something else. Often my dog.  But I have to say, transitions: it's calling out to me right now.  I think because, finally, after a very long time waiting (months waiting, years before that, writing) my book YOU TELL YOUR DOG FIRST will be out soon.  In just about two months.  So, here, now is the time when I start transitioning from daydreaming about my day...being out in the world to gearing up and getting ready for the FACT that my book is about to be out in the world. 

Actually, the book itself is a transition.  After five novels, this is my first book that isn't fiction.  This book, instead of being all about my imaginary characters, is all about me.  It's a strange feeling and even though I spent years writing this book, it's hard to wrap my head around.  I've started to think a lot about what it will feel like when readers no longer wonder if something in a scene happened to me, but will rather know that it did.  I'm nervous.  A lot.  But I'm also really excited because I love this book and I worked harder and longer on it than I have on any other book.  Fingers crossed.

This, here, right now is always my favorite part of a book.  Page proofs are done and galleys are out.  No more changes can be made and it's that last, quiet moment before reviews come in.  This, here, right now is all about hopefulness and all the great things that can happen to a book.  And while it's a lovely time and I'm enjoying the shimmery calm before the storm, I'm also transitioning out of it, thinking of all the things to do for the book and to get the word out about it.  Readings!  Twitter!  Facebook!  Giveaways!  It's a big change from the much more quiet phase of sitting down day after day and writing.  

But I'm up to the task.  So let's get started.  I have a galley of the new book to give away. To you.  If you'd like to win it, please just leave a comment --it can be about anything: your dog, things you tell your dog, your book publicity advice, your thoughts on the cover-- and I'll pick a winner at random on September 4th once I'm back and fully transitioned from the end of summer.

All the best.



  1. Congrats on the new book coming out! I have a second book coming out Nov 6, so I understand the upcoming crazies. LOL

    I have an old lady dog, Ruby, that sits next to me every day as I write. "Helping". She's going deaf, and so we have to slam the door when we get home so she knows to come greet us. Otherwise she sleeps through it and then looks all sad like her ego was bruised, like she thinks she let us down, and I can't stand it so I make everyone slam the door. LOL, the things you do. She has her own place on the couch, unless I move. Then she steals mine. :-)

  2. Oh, I'd love to win. I'm working on a 2nd novel - it's a fictionalized version of our last pup. She had 3 legs due to bone cancer. She didn't let the missing leg, the cancer, any of it slow her down. She was amazing and inspiring and she totally changed me. Like you, I'm working so hard on this one as the subject is so close to my heart. So nervous that I won't get it "right"!

    Congrats on the new book.

  3. The book sounds so interesting.
    That time for me when the book will soon to be out makes me anxious so I'm glad your being so zen.
    My dog, Sophie, is my constant companion while writing too.

  4. (From Alison) The winner is Jackie Bouchard and if she'd like to email me at alison[at] I will send her the galley.