Sunday, December 9, 2012

Girlfriends Sunday Book Review: Head Off & Split by Nikky Finney

Reviewed by Maggie Marr

I believe that reading great writing, no matter what the medium, makes me a better writer. I am a fan of poetry. The discipline innate to the form is astounding. The ability of the poet to convey feeling, to create new and revolutionary metaphor leaves me breathless and aghast at their talent.

Nikky Finney won the 2011 National Book Award for Poetry for Head Off & Split and justly so. The collection of poetry so strong and mesmerizing. The politics of America and Race within The Condoleezza Suite, Dancing With Strom, and Plunder. Ms. Finney never veers from, never flinches at, and always stares straight into what race means in America.

But there is so much more to the collection. Not only race and politics but what it means to be a daughter, a woman, the emotional threads that pull so tight at the human heart.

The final poem Head Off & Split brought me to tears multiple times.

The writing is amazing--the prose stunning--the subject matter enticing.

I highly recommend Head Off & Split by Nikky Finney

Maggie Marr is an attorney and the author of Hollywood Girls Club, Secrets of The Hollywood Girls Club, Can't Buy Me Love and her latest book publishing December 14, 2012 Courting Trouble. She is married and lives in Los Angeles.


  1. Sounds fantastic. Poetry most definitely fuels fiction. That title is great.

  2. I'm not a poetry reader, but you've made me want to check this out! Great review, Maggie!!

  3. Ms. Finney so gracefully title this collection of poetry. Her work in this book is a continuing wonderful trek of thought provoking poems.

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