Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Has Sprung

by Jacqueline E. Luckett

I don’t see spring the same way I used to. I mean that literally, because my current neighborhood is composed of concrete, an estuary, a train station, a few great restaurants and wineries, and restored brick buildings. The few trees around here live in 4’ by 4’ square dirt plots intermittently set between sections of sidewalk. The trees aren’t really the kind that let you know that spring has sprung—they don’t bloom or bear fruit, birdies don’t make nests in them and there aren’t any birds perched on their branches to sing a wake-up song in the morning (neither is there bird poop on my car).

Ahhhh, the pleasures of urban living!

Still, I love spring; even this new iteration of it. Adaptation to environment (Darwin would be proud).  I look forward to opening my eyes and exploring my city for other signs of this wonderful time of year.

How I know spring has sprung:

. . . California false starts: rain and cold on Monday and 70-degrees by the weekend
. . . long days, evening walks when it’s still light outside
. . . the itch to be and stay outside
. . . plum tree blossoms
. . . news stories about the antics of college-kids-gone-wild at spring break
. . . the urge to clean tile grout, reorganize closets and kitchen cabinets (maybe that’s just me)
. . . taxes are due
. . . pussy willows
. . . the smell of cut grass
. . . rhododendrons blooming in my mother’s garden
. . . my car coated with pollen
. . . flea markets
. . . asparagus, strawberries, mint
. . . Easter; rack of lamb, and pastel covered Hershey’s kisses

How do you know it’s spring?

Jacqueline can be found appreciating spring on the streets, hills, and waterfront of her hometown, Oakland. She assures us that there are many. Jacqueline is the author of PASSING LOVE and SEARCHING FOR TINA TURNER.

All photos ©Jacqueline Luckett 2013. Please do not use without permission.

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  1. In the Midwest, when the sun is shining, the rooftops are clear of snow and all I need is a windbreaker when I leave the house to run errands...spring is here ;). Hope yours is a lovely one, Jacqueline!