Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Simple Word by Melissa Clark

Sometimes the right words at the right time are as simple as, "Welcome". And that is what I heard Sunday upon arriving at the Obras Foundation in Evora Monte, Portugal. You see, sometimes when life is utterly distracting in your home town, you have to go far, far away to a different continent, a different country, a different culture to get the job done. And it is here, among the chickens, pigs, sheep, castles and a handful of other artists that I hope to do just that.

Tiled trolley in Lisbon

cute chickens
hiking, not writing (yet)
Melissa Clark is the author of "Swimming Upstream, Slowly," and "Imperfect." You can follow her adventures in Portugal at Connections Clark.


  1. Those chickens look very inspirational! Enjoy and write lots!!

  2. Hope you accomplish everything you wish while in Portugal. The photos are lovely.