Sunday, August 11, 2013

500 Days of Summer

Dear Readers,

We have been hovering at 499 followers for a few weeks now and we thought we'd give an incentive to bump up the numbers. 

If you are a reader of this blog, but not yet a follower, we have a spectacular giveaway. Authors and blog contributers:

Maggie Marr
Melissa Clark
Brenda Janowitz
Sheila Curran
Hank Phillippi Ryan
Michele Young-Stone
Leslie Thompson
Lauren Baratz Logsted
Malena Lott
Cindy Jones
Christa Allen
Sara Rosett
Jenny Gardiner
Maria Geraci
Jacqueline Luckett
Marilyn Brant
Laura Spinella

...have agreed to gift one lucky winner a digital ebook. That's 17 ebooks for your reading pleasure!
  All you have to do is a) follow this blog and b) write a comment in the Comments section with your email address (so we can gift your books) and anything else you'd like to say.

The winner will be chosen by and announced on this blog next week, Sunday, August 18th at 12:00pm EST.

Already a follower? Don't worry, one lucky winner will be chosen at random for a gift as well. Don't forget to check back here next week for results.


  1. I've shared the post. Am pulling for your 500th follower

  2. Loving the posts and the authors. Inspiring.

  3. Wow so many books, how could one resist the temptation not to follow!!! So that's just what I did! Thanks!!


  4. That'a a fabulous line up there thank you.