Monday, November 11, 2013

Embrace Simplicity, Be Generous, Give Entertaining Reads!

Sheila Curran

Everyone I know has too much stuff.  That’s why books are such a great gift.  And no, not electronic books, but ones you can hold in your hands, page back through, pass along to friends, and place in your bookcase.  I’ve got something for everyone on your list.  All of them, in my humble opinion, are great reads.

The Pure Trilogy

“Baggott’s postapocalyptic world is realized to stunning cinematic effect… the ‘Mad Max’ landscape creating the backdrop for a succession of violent confrontations in which the stakes are satisfyingly high. What lifts Pure from the glut of blood-spattered young adult fiction is not the story Baggott tells but the exquisite precision of her prose.”

The New York Times Book Review
“… Baggott has done the seemingly impossible and created an original vision of disaster … this novel sizzles with invention …” —The Sunday Times (London)

“Baggott’s highly anticipated postapocalyptic horror novel … is a fascinating mix of stark, oppressive authoritarianism and grotesque anarchy. Baggott mixes brutality, occasional wry humor, and strong dialogue into an exemplar of the subgenre. ”
Publisher’s Weekly, starred review

The amazingly prolific Julianna Baggott also writes gorgeous fiction under so many genres I'd like to hit her, except for the fact that she's so talented and entertaining and such a generous teacher, I have to just hug her and say thank you for all you do!

Both books will please your fantasy addicts!

Someone Else's Love Story

I'm such a fan of Joshilyn Jackson, our former GCC girlfriend, whom I first met online.  Her fiction is brilliant, and this latest is her best yet. It's a novel of ideas, with big things to say about miracles, fate, and the power of faith.  At the same time, it's a page turner you won't be able to put down.  It's coming out next week.  Go pre-order it right now!

“…a story that is never predictable and is awash in bittersweet love, regret and the promise of what could be. A surprising novel, both graceful and tender.”
                                        – Kirkus, Starred review

From another girlfriend, Leslie Lehr, this novel will also keep you turning the pages.

"A missing daughter, a lost memory, and a desperate need to find the truth propel Lehr’s achingly moving suspense drama. Dark and unsettling, but with a ray of hope like a splash of light, and a knockout ending you won’t see coming.” ~ Caroline Leavitt, New York Times bestselling author of Pictures of You

 THE ROUND HOUSE by Louise Edrich

Do I need to say anything more than national book award?  Yes, because awards might make you think "high art" which might also make you think "unreadable."  It's not.  It's such a great story, with characters you'll love.
"In this haunting, powerful novel, Erdrich tells the story of a family and community nearly undone by violence. Using the quiet, reflective voice of a young boy forced into an early adulthood following a brutal assault on his mother, Erdrich has created an intricately layered novel that not only untangles our nation’s history of moral and judicial failure, but also offers a portrait of a community sustained by its traditions, values, faith, and stories."


This 8th in the bestselling BONE series is a perfect place to begin, if you arent' already addicted to Jefferson Bass' work.  It's a prequel to the rest of the books.  Jefferson Bass' voice is a lovely mix of pastoral Tennessee, detection science explained poetically, and fast-paced suspense. Don't let the skull scare you, it's something you can easily curl up with on a rainy night with a box of Oreos.   

 Brockton sets out to revolutionize forensic science by unlocking the mysteries of postmortem human decay, as a way to help police pinpoint murder victims’ time of death. But his plans are derailed by a female corpse that leaves the scientist reeling from a sense of déjà vu. Followed by another, and then another: bodies that bear eerie resemblances to cases from Brockton’s past.  

“An up-all-night, never-let-you-go novel,” writes one reviewer. “Fast paced, gut wrenching at times, heart pounding, and extremely entertaining.” Cut to the Bone is “simply amazing,” raves another. “Absolutely hair-raising. … It's not unduly graphic - but it is very disturbing, as it should be. The final scenes are incredibly powerful.”

A GIRL LIKE YOU by Maria Geraci

Maria Geraci is another girlfriend on the GCC (and close enough to meet for a cup of coffee in our native Tallahassee).  This latest is my favorite so far of her books.  It's light and yet fetching, with well-drawn characters, high romance, and a lot of Cuban ethnic fun thrown in.  It was also a RITA finalist. 

"Maria Geraci writes with a vibrant, rich, contemporary voice that manages to be tender and hilarious at the same time.  A Girl Like You delivers the goods:  unforgettable characters set in a quirky small town with a feel-good ending that lasts long after you close the book.” Roxanne St. Claire, New York Times Bestselling Author

Sheila Curran is the author of Everyone She Loved, about a woman’s efforts to protect her own family even after her own expiration date has come and gone.  Her first book, Diana Lively is Falling Down, was a romantic comedy Jodi Picoult called warm, funny, inventive and original and Booklist called ‘a gem.’ Visit for more information.



  1. Great recs, and some that weren't on my radar yet!

  2. Yours too, Lauren. I've been blitzes and having computer problems. Bless you.

  3. thanks for the recs! perfect timing! (and of course Leslle and Marias books ;-). I didn't realize Joshilyn was one of the GCC--I missed that memo!

  4. Great reads, Shelia! Thanks for the suggestions.

  5. I've read a couple of those! Great reads, and I'll be sure to check out the others!

  6. Thanks, dearie - honored to included in such august (and Girlfriend-y) company!