Friday, June 13, 2014

Writing Retreat!!!

By the time you read this, I'll be in a car, my daughter and I will be driving 8 hours from home in Illinois to northwest Michigan. My darling teenager goes to Music Camp every year for a one-week institute. I go and spend the whole week in a hotel nearby (requested by the kid in case she get's homesick/breaks a leg/just needs to know I'm 20 minutes away) for a self-imposed writing retreat.

And I can't wait. Just me and my laptop in a hotel room, writing, for a whole week. Without the usual interruptions:

  • No house to clean. Maybe I should repeat that. NO HOUSE TO CLEAN;
  • No pets who want outside, followed immediately with wanting inside, then outside again. I really should install a remote controlled sliding glass door;
  • No 'emergency' trips to the grocery store because the 14 yr. old is out of  Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pop Tarts, or to take the 16 yr. old to the movies/girlfriends' house/mall because she'll 'die' if she has to spend one more minute in this house (this usually means her uncanny sixth sense has alerted her to possible, impending yard work);
  • No house to clean.
  • No one interrupting me to ask 'what's for dinner,' or 'when is dinner' or 'can we have McDonalds?' - usually followed by 'will you drive to McDonalds?'

Instead, it's:

  • Lots and lots of quiet writing time with nothing to interrupt it but breakfast, snacks, lunch, snacks and dinner (usually followed by snacks);
  • Lots of the snacks I like - not the stuff I only eat because my kids won't (don't ask me how many times I've had to eat what they insisted they needed, only to develop a sudden hatred for that thing once halfway through the bag);
  • When I need a break from writing, no one to interrupt me reading or knitting or just staring into space with, 'oh good, you're done! can you drive me to.../cook for me.../find my.../let the dogs in and out and in again?'
  • Someone comes in and cleans the room for me every day. EVERY DAY.

Does it get lonely spending 24/7 by myself?

No. Not ever. Sorry family. I need this. If I don't get this, I might kill all of you.

And the best thing this year? My daughter has her learner's permit (we're 3 weeks away from getting the full driver's license - much to my horror and weirdly, relief) so I don't have to drive the whole 8 hours, each way.

Of course, I have to produce. I have to justify this trip financially by having a supernatural amount of pages done when I get back. But that's probably the best part.

Well, right behind the maid service and snacks, that is.


  1. I am completely jealous and happy for you at the same time. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks Ellyn! Just got in after an 8 hr. drive. Yeesh.

  2. Oh my gosh this sound amazing! Enjoy your time, such a brilliant idea. Note to self, suggest this to my future teenage daughter.

    1. I highly recommend it Dana. Got SNUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON written last year.

  3. Replies
    1. I'll just have to bring you next time Leslie. Two Leslie L's. That would confuse everyone!

  4. Have an AMAZING time! As we speak, I'm working on that remote control door for pets ;) We all need one.

  5. Bravo and wish we could have a GBC retreat!

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