Saturday, August 28, 2010

Round Characters? Good. Round Authors? Not So Good.

Writers are supposed to create round characters but sometimes, in the process, other things get round too. (Butts, thighs… etc.)

What to do?

Back in 2002, I quit teaching to become a full-time writer and the pounds packed on. I’ve upped my running from two miles a day to four, and I’m counting every calorie. Recently I’ve been standing up at the kitchen counter writing because I’ve heard standing burns 33 more calories an hour than sitting. Also sitting is supposed to be terrible for your health, even if you exercise, and especially if you’re female.

Supposedly Ayelet Waldman uses a tread desk, but its pricey and since I can’t chew gum and walk at the same time, I'm not sure if could pull this off. What about you? Does writing make you gain weight? What did you do? How do you keep bloat at bay?

Click-Worthy Link

I’m loving the new blog I found Tribal Writer written Justine Lee Musk. Especially liked her post on the importance of being interesting.

Book Giveaway

Jane Porter. What can I say about this author? She’s cute and talented. She’s had one of her books made into a Lifetime movie (Flirting at Forty with Heather Locklear) And she’s also a sweetheart. Her latest novel is “She’s Gone Country” about a former Vogue model who trades Times Square for Texas.

According to the book there are five ways to go country:

Swap designer jeans for Wranglers

High heels for cowboy boots

A four-door for a pick-up
Dine on ribs and brisket

Spend the night two-stepping at a honky-tonk bar.

I’ll add my own: Shoot and cook possum. Soak in buttermilk. Kills the gamey taste.

(I’m from Georgia. When we go country, we really go country.)

I have an advanced reader copy of “She’s Gone Country: to give away. Here’s what you have to do to win. Tell me your favorite country song in the comments and I’ll pick one at random.  I'll let you know the winner Sunday nite at six p.m eastern time. Mine is “Small Town Southern Man” by Alan Jackson.




  1. Blue, By Leann Rimes :D

  2. Okay, Karin, I can't decide if that tread-desk is super-cool or super-weird. (But if Ayelet has it, I sort of want it, too.....)

    I wouldn't say writing has made me fat. I think that eating a lot has made me fat. And the two weeks of bed rest in the hospital at the end of my pregnancy last summer. (Coupled with the fact that my dad brought me fried chicken and pizza every day so that I wouldn't have to eat hospital food. Oh yeah, and that my husband brought me Dunkin Donuts every day because, well, I love them.)

    So, maybe I don't need that tread-desk after all. Maybe I should stop eating like I'm going to the electric chair. Wish I could blame it all on writing, but alas, no.

  3. There's a obesity researcher here who has a tread desk. I need to stand MORE!

  4. I Will Always Love You by Dolly Pardon

  5. Great contest, I love Jane Porter's books. My favorite country song is Back To Tenessee by Billy Ray Cyrus

  6. I am so guilty of eating while I am writing. It's just another damn distraction. I made a pact with my alter ego, 5 miles in the morning with at least one trip up the mammoth hill and then I can write all day and shove healthy tidbits into my pie hole as much as I want.
    Sometimes, it actually works.

  7. I have a friend who has a tread-desk. I don't see a difference. But I have joined a gym b/c sitting all this time does nasty things to my lower back. Now that I've gone back to work part time, back issues are lessening. Of course, so is writing time... argh.

  8. Karin,
    my favorite country song:
    devil went down to Georgia

    as a SAHM after giving up the business world, i am seriously guilty of the lbs melting onto me :) now if they would just MELT away from me as easily...

  9. During the summer, when I'm not teaching and focusing on my writing, I make more time to exercise. I go back to work in a week and I'm going to force myself to go to the gym after school before I even get home. Once I get into the routine, I know I'll feel better, but it's going to be hard getting myself to be more disciplined.

    I gained most of my weight when I worked in an elementary school. There were always cupcakes and cookies floating around (the kiddies always brought treats to the librarian) and the faculty room was food heaven. Working in a HS is better. No birthday parties.

  10. I really like the Miranda Lambert song, The House That Built Me (or it's called something like that). I heard it for the first time recently and it had me mesmerized and I don't often listen to country music.

    When I'm trying to be careful about what's beside my laptop when I'm writing, I go for green grapes, which I truly love. When I'm nearing deadline or just going out of my mind, unable to get a scene, paragraph, idea, etc. just right, it's peanut M&Ms and/or sour Jelly Bellies and lots of em.

  11. Yeah it's def motherhood that's put on the pounds for me. I have a theory that every advance in love packs on pounds. I was wearing miniskirts before I met my husband! I joined weight watchers and started exercising for 20 minutes a day, and so far it's working.

    As for country songs, that's a hard one b/c I have so many favorites. But I adore Dolly Parton's "9 to 5" and I think Tim McGraw's version of "When the Stars Go Blue" is better than the indie original.

  12. I find when I'm writing I don't eat as much, but when I am obsessing about the storyline or facing writer's block, well, that's another story. I'm from the south, too, so I'm used to all that good comfort food when I'm feeling bad...fried chicken, homemade mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, all topped with half a bag of Double Stuffed Oreos. (I have heard rumors that there are those out there who actually deep fry my beloved head spins at the mere thought)
    Two of my favorite titles for country songs are John Denver's "GET YOUR TONGUE OUTTA MY MOUTH CAUSE I'M KISSING YOU GOODBYE" and Bobby Bare's "I AIN'T NEVER GONE TO BED WITH AN UGLY WOMAN, BUT I SURE WOKE UP WITH A FEW". Classic country.

  13. Fast Cars & Freedom by Rascal Flatts

    I'm really enjoying this new blog. I'm not even sure how I stumbled on it. But I am getting a great list of books that I need to read. So, thanks!

  14. I'd love me some Jane Porter!

    Okay, favorite country song would probably be Goodbye Earl by the Dixie Chicks.

    By the way, I checked out the link to the Tribal Writer blog. Great post. Will have to bookmark that site:)

  15. When I write I drink tons of water and try to get on the treadmill every day for 20-30 minutes.

    Favorite country song is ANGEL FROM MONTGOMERY by Bonnie Raitt

  16. A lot of things different by Kenny Chesney.

    I didn't know standing burns more calories, but it is more hard on the feet.

  17. Thanks for your great comments. We have a winner: Jill Thomas.

    Jill, email me your address and I'll get the book out to you.

  18. whasamatta Caroyln? You don't like you some possum?

  19. I like OLD country: Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson...and now I have to check out Jill's John Denver suggestions! Love those titles.

  20. I think I'd chose I Told you so - the Randy Travis version. Something about his voice, I'd follow that man anywhere..