Friday, November 12, 2010

The Book and Writing Sites We Love

Girlfriends chime in on their favs:

I love literary agent Nathan Bransford's site. He has such great posts
on writing and helpful info on publishing. Unfortunately, he announced on Friday that he's moving into another job. He is keeping the blog
going and there is a ton of great stuff in the archives, so have a

Roberta Isleib Galleycat blog not only keeps me up on all the latest publishing news, but it also has illuminating author interviews and doles out great advice. For example, I ended up buying the $700 JetBlue All You Can Jet Pass, because the Galleycat editor suggested (quite rightly) that it'd be a great way to do an impromptu Fall book tour. Seriously, this site is brilliant, practical, and delightfully snark-free.

Ernessa T. Carter

BookBalloon for reading:

BackSpace for writing/publishing:

Lauren Baratz-Logsted

Here are some of my favorite haunts on the Web for scoop on publishing info and book news (and I'm sure I'm forgetting something with my severe case of "deadline brain"):


Chick Lit Central (which actually has a lovely review of Melissa Senate's THE LOVE GODDESS' COOKING SCHOOL up today!)

Chick Lit Club

Book Club Girl

Book Club Queen

Susan McBride

 For writing and learning how to structure your novel, I'm pretty obsessed with Alexandra Sokoloff's blog, The Dark Salon ( ). Once you're finished with your novel and are ready for industry tips, Allison Winn Scotch's blog, Ask Allison, is the place to be. ( ) I recommend her site to everyone looking to break into publishing.

Brenda Janowitz

LiveJournal (tons of YA writers, and you can "friends-lock" posts) (genius idea: an emotional thesaurus) for free streaming music while I'm writing

April Henry

Though there are countless writer/publishing sites and blogs that I enjoy, the ones I go to most often are:

1. Beyond The Margins.

3. Library Journal.

2. Publishers Marketplace.

Beth Hoffman

My two favorite online stops for helping writers are Blake Snyder's Save the Cat site ( ) and Michael Hauge's Screenplay Mastery site ( ).

~Marilyn Brant

My favorite writing teacher Leslie Pietrzyk has an amazing blog at

I love group blogs and three of my favorites are A Good Blog is Hard to Find which I founded and which Kathy Patrick aka Pulpwood Queen now heads: . Also Writer Unboxed  and Muderati

I just discovered this one for reviews:

And for great storytelling tips I love

Karin Gillespie

What are your favorites? Let us know.

Girlfriend News

Sarah Pekkanen has a great article on the power of the new girlfriend  network
Deborah Leblanc has a new novel out called Wolfen.

 Ernessa T Carter will read and speak at CSULA on Monday, Nov. 15:
And in the link love departmente,  a great in-depth article on James Frey’s new book packaging biz.


  1. OMIGOD. That thesaurus of emotional beats. Amazing!

  2. That review of Melissa's new one, THE LOVE GODDESS' COOKING SCHOOL was up last Sunday at Chick Lit Central. Here's the link:

    And Jenny Gardiner was there this past Tuesday! The Girlfriends are everywhere!!! :-)

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