Tuesday, November 9, 2010

You Want Me to What?

Hmmmm. So. You say there was a time change?

There's a place called Hollywood?

It's nice to know that the world has continued to do it's thing during my descent into a post partum haze.

Not that I'm complaining. We've been blessed with a new baby boy and I couldn't be happier. I could, however, be more well rested and therefore able to think. Clearly. Scratch that. At all.

I love this picture of my new son, my third child, taken literally minutes after birth because while it isn't the most charming there is something wonderfully true about it. And I love true things.

One of the true things about life for me is that I spend (and did also after my other two births) my post partum period nursing a baby with a book in one hand. Books, quite like chocolate, so delight me and absorb me, that I find they survive me even through the rough times. If you know what I mean. If I can take a little literary license. (And if I can't do it on this blog, where can I?)

So while I have nothing actually to say that could possibly sound intelligent (and many unsavory things like: I change my shirt five times a day because I'm so SATURATED with milk--and those silly breast pads don't even work--and many other delightful, bodily truths that make men and more gentle sorts cringe), I'm throwing myself in with the lot of girlfriends who are reading and writing for love. And, occasionally, money.

I haven't been around the internet of late to share my favorite sites, but I do want to share the two books I took with me to the hospital for my third unmedicated labor. (This is a true thing also. Although this time around I very seriously considered medication. A lot of it. Because this time I KNEW what I was getting in to.) Nothing makes exhaustion sweeter than something funny to read. I had a great time with Elna Baker's The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance. If a Mormon comedian can't make you laugh, no one will. I was laughing through my stitches!

Then I spent the first few days back at home with Celia Rivenbark's Belle Weather. Y'all, she is some funny lady.

Well, the girlfriends do it every time. Long live the lit that comes from the minds of women. Those who are lucky enough to still have minds that is....

I'm taking all suggestions for funny, survival reads. What, from the bookshelf, has made you laugh lately?

Samantha Wilde is the author of This Little Mommy Stayed Home, but, more importantly, the mother of three children, four, 2.5 and one month old. In her free time, she sleeps. Today she celebrates her second son's one month birthday (he was born 10-10-10!).


  1. Huge congrats. Samantha. I adore the picture--it's so, well, true. And, as a mom to a 23 and 24 year-old, while I know I've somewhat forgotten the bleary exhaustion you're currently ensconced in, I also know that it flies by even as it's seeming to crawl.

    And give that little punkin's head a big sniff for me okay?

  2. Samantha congratulations on your new son. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful moment with all of us through this picture.
    Wishing you and yours many blessings and lots of sleep.

  3. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy and exhaustion! I love the picture and even though I cannot see your face, after giving birth four times myself, I know you never looked or FELT more beautiful than in that moment! I remember older moms telling me to enjoy the crazy days you now find yourself and I also remember thinking they had lost their minds, but 'tis true. These days when your children are yours and yours alone are some of the sweetest moments you will ever have. Enjoy them, relish in them, store up all the memories you can because all too soon, you'll have to share them with the world. Oh, and sleep each and every minute you can...in the bathtub, standing at the kitchen sink,etc., etc...

  4. Samantha,

    You're amazing for blogging at this blurry time in your life. Congrats on the son and I hope you can sneak winks now and then.

    Ditto what you said about Celia. She is so funny. Her latest is "You can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning."

  5. Awww....What a wonderful photo! COngratulations...


  6. Samantha, I love that picture! And I, too, think books help "survive me" (great phrase!). With all the crazy things that life throws at us, good and bad, sometimes we just need to get away without really going anywhere. Congrats to you! Enjoy the new baby! :-)

  7. How cute is that baby??? Congratulations to your whole family!!!

  8. Lovely picture! Congratulations to you and your family.

  9. Beautiful photo! There's nothing better than snuggling up with a sleeping baby on your chest and reading, is there?

  10. Thanks for all the lovin' support. I have to say the third time around I really am enjoying and savoring because I know--for certain--that these times will pass! Makes me a better mother, I think.

  11. Big congrats, Samantha!! And good job on that whole 10-10-10 thing. My friend was trying for that, too, but nature just didn't cooperate.

    Enjoy every minute with your new little bundle!!

  12. Simply precious! Congratulations Samantha! Yes, enjoy the moments, cherish and savor them. They pass so quickly. Kudos to you for even doing a blog during this time! Amazing! And yes, books are life/sanity savers. Aw . . . Thanks for sharing.

  13. Amazing picture--brings it all back to me (mine are 17 and 20 now). Congratulations!

  14. even now at my daughters 7.5 month mark, i look SO forward to our nightly ritual of nursing her to sleep with a book in hand!