Sunday, October 30, 2011

All Hallows Eve

by Maggie Marr

I scare easily.

I've never seen the movie Halloween. I don't watch The Walking Dead. Salem's Lot by Stephen King was required reading in a high school literature class and after I read it (okay during too) I slept with the lights on for over a month. I don't enjoy a 'good scare' and seriously think anyone that does is more than a bit half cracked.

I don't want to know how to survive a Zombie attack.

Nor can I even begin to imagine why anyone would want to date one.

is absolutely NOT cute.

And vampires? Come on--what is sexy about a boyfriend who wants to kill you or at the very least suck out all your blood until your nearly dead--but not quite--so you--the living girlfriend can produce more blood to feed his insatiable habit. This isn't a love story--it's domestic violence.

There are creatures that do this--they are leaches and ticks and they aren't cute or sexy or loving. They are parasites. Much like your vampire boyfriend--get over him. Find some love with the living.

Me and my lovers rolling around in my blood--doesn't seem sexy--more like sociopathic.

I will admit to a life-long love of Anne Rice--and some sleepless nights because of her and Lasher and the Vampire Lestat.

I was scared watching Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas and even my five year old loved that film.

Give me a romantic comedy. A drama. Maybe even a light thriller. But anything--anything that is gonna' make me jump, sream, shriek, pee my pants (and not because I am laughing really hard) forget about it.

Which is why that it is pretty remarkable that I am still in this writing thing after 15 years. The stories I could tell you--OH MY GOODNESS--the stories I could tell you--(but can't due to the confidentiality agreements in place)--would raise the hair on the back of your neck, send chills shivering down your spine--might even cause you to run-run-RUN fast and far from this crazy thing called publishing.

I leave you with one final thing that freaked me out this week.


Maggie Marr is a scaredy-cat and mother of two who lives in Los Angeles. Her latest book a contemporary romantic COMEDY will publish March 2012. Her short story 'Dashing Through The Snow' will appear in the anthology Sleigh Ride 11/11/11/. You can find her biting her fingernails and hoping nobody jumps from the bushes to get her. On Halloween she will be safely in the house by 9 pm with the doors locked and all the lights on.


  1. Great post for Halloween, Maggie! Loved it!!

  2. Thank you, Brenda! Have a happy (and not too creepy) Halloween!

  3. Very funny! Great job - and yes, the video is creepy!

  4. So funny and I'll admit I'm not clicking on the video since you said it was creepy!

  5. So funny. A great way to start my day.

  6. I don't like being scared as much as I used to, but still like a gore-free scary movie or book.

    Fun post!

  7. I'm with you Maggie--hate being scared! I may be sleeping with light on after watching your video:). Looking forward to March!!

  8. Agreed! Life is scary enough, followed by a career in publishing, followed by watching women walking around in 8" heels in the name of fashion. At least Halloween lasts one day. The upcoming holiday season- much, much longer. Great post!!!

  9. Seriously creepy. When he was rubbing the middle of his chest with the white round pad thing, I'm assuming he was revealing his "tattooed" skin underneath, thus showing how well the cover-up cream worked? Did I get that right?

  10. Fun posting. And I dig the Go Beyond the Cover video. For every novel I complete, I get a new tattoo. My tattoo artist thinks I need to write faster. My therapist thinks I need my head examined. But that's what she does so I'm pretty much covered.


  11. Very fun posting, in a way gets to the essence of romance writing which is that there is room for everyone, since so many people DO like shifters (count me in that bucket), vampires (maybe some times if hot enough), zombies (NEVER in romance but ok in small doses elsehwere for me)...and always have time for a good old everyday relatable human romance!!! Happy Halloween!

  12. One parade and one halloween party later...(with one of each to go) thank you everyone! Yes, the video is creepy--and amazing.

  13. Wow, fascinating video, Maggie! Perfect for Halloween... And, yes, I scare easily, too. No "Alien" or "Exorcist" for me and, despite my love of Austen, I only made it through a few chapters of Pride & Prejudice & Zombies ;).

  14. I totally agree, I don't like watching or reading scary movies. I have nightmares from it. Even in Harry Potter movies my kids refused to sit by me because I made sounds and jumped. The living are scary enough without adding walking dead into the mix. Ugh!

  15. Maggie, I'm a scardy cat too, but that doesn't stop me from watching some spooky. I love The Walking Dead! But American Horror Story (new FX show starring Dylan McDermott) is TOO much for me. The first 2 episodes gave me nightmares and I had to stop watching :)

  16. Oy! The American Horror Story poster is too much for me! And don't even get me started on the Paranormal Activity trailer that I would flip the channel on every time they showed it.