Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tattoo for two

It’s October, which means the world has turned vivid tangerine and gold . . . and pink. Yes pink.

What started with simple ribbons has evolved into a veritable industry of Pink, everything from apparel to spatulas to vacuum cleaners. It’s as if the entire nation were enveloped in a Christo exhibition, especially here in Dallas, the home of the Susan G. Komen Foundation and epicenter of Pink Mania. A person can’t possibly be unaware that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

This might be way, way, way TMI, (you can find even more TMI at my blog post “Survivor’s Guilt”, but when a woman has reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy, she has a choice of having skin sculpted into the “n” word, or, especially common with double mastectomies, having the n’s tattooed.

When I was given these options a few years ago, the choice was easy. I already had a too-long close, personal relationship with Band-aids (now of course there are specialty products such as Nip-its) to willingly subject myself to artificial high beams. But I would rather have nice, sleek Barbie boobs than brand Thelma and Louise with some boring “natural-looking” tattoos. So over wine -- much wine -- some friends and I came up with alternatives. Over time (and more wine), a few other friends, and even my reconstructive surgeon added to the list.

I still don’t have the tattoos. Due to an avalanche of red tape and a landside of healthcare politics, the FDA is three years behind in approving a specific kind of implant that my reconstructive surgeon thinks is worth waiting for, so I haven’t yet had my final reconstruction. Word is, though, that approval is coming soon, (If you’re hearing this, FDA, please put your stamp on the gummy bears!). In anticipation, I’ve again been pondering tattoos.

So. It’s Monday. You’re yawning into your coffee. Let’s have a little fun and maybe jump-start your creativity. I’ll even prime the pump with a few from my original list: daisies, hand prints, and owls (i.e. hooters).

What tattoos would you choose?

Amy Bourret is the author of the novel
Mothers and Other Liars, a Target Stores Breakout Book published by St. Martin’s Press. She is happy to report that she and Thelma and Louise are all in the pink.


  1. Amy, I love that you are injecting humor into a tough topic! I totally vote for the handprints.

  2. Excellent post, Amy. No tattoos here. The closest I come to permanent body change is pierced ears.

  3. Amy! I hope this comment goes through! As a survivor, I would definitely say you qualify as one! You went through all the crap we go through (diagnostic tests out the wazoo, worrying, surgery). You just got to skip the extra-fun stuff, like radiation and chemo (although I didn't do chemo, just rad therapy, which was plenty, thank you). Love your sense of humor, and I want to hear which tattoo you pick! So keep us posted, okay? ;-)

  4. I love tattoos and I have 4 tattoos, I got my last one last week and it is a quotation of one of my favorite books I have read, and I am happy with it