Thursday, May 31, 2012

How to Say Goodbye

Say, "See you later."

So, we've just left our hometown, Richmond, VA (RVA) for Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina (OBX).  Here's my thinking:  Change is hard.  Anything worth doing is hard.  Like the characters in my novels, if I don't keep changing and moving forward, life will happen to me.  I won't be the author of my own story; I won't be the instigator, and I'm too much of a control freak for that to happen.

Live large.  Love the same way.  Moving is hard; logistically and emotionally, but we're here now.

So, some summertime advice:  1.  Sit in the big chair.  2.  Eat the cupcake.  3.  Drink the wine.  4.  Spoil the kid and the dog and the cat and the chicken, if applicable.  5.  Talk to the plants.  6.  Have sex.  7.  Share.  8.  Dance.  9.  Laugh.  10.  Let the little things go.  11.  Resolve the big things.  12.  Remember that clean underwear is always important.

*I went to Simon and Schuster two weeks ago.  My next novel is coming out August, 2013.  (Thanks to those of you who shared title suggestions.)   Thanks for the love and support of all my girlfriends!

Also, let me know if you have a title suggestion:  post below.  The novel is about two girls born with wings: one in 1973, USA and one in 1925, Lithuania.  The Lithuanian girl is the great aunt to the American girl.  Eventually, they meet.

Thanks for your help!

Michele Young-Stone is the author of The Handbook for Lightning Strike Survivors.  She just today moved to the beach.  Her next two novels are under contract with Simon & Schuster.


  1. Title for your book. The first thing that popped into my mind was "Wings Of Time".

  2. Love the summertime advice!! I need to work on #10.

    As for a title, I don't have a clue! But if you want to send me a chapter or two, I'd be glad to keep thinking!!

  3. Choosing titles can be hellish! (Kinda like moving!)

    I wish I had a catchy title for you, but I'm brain dead today. Good luck with the move.

  4. I want that chair. Great advice for any time, really. And, unfortunately, I'm a terrible title thinker-upperer. I steal from songs whenever I can.

  5. Enjoy your new digs! Change is always so invigorating. H

  6. I don't have a title for you but the book sounds wonderful! And lucky you to be living on the Outer Banks now...I am jealous! Your Richmond house that you left wasn't perhaps on Bellevue Avenue was it? I live in Bellevue and I think I remember reading somewhere that you did too. Just wondering because I saw the cutest white picket fence house for sale over there when I was walking the neighborhood...
    Have fun at the beach!

  7. Welcome to North Carolina! I'm a bit jealous that you're moving to the beach. I've lived in this state for nearly three years and haven't made it to OBX once yet. I'm adding that to the list. Making that #13.

  8. THANK YOU for all the comments. I am terrible at titles. And YES: the picket fence was our house. We lived there for 13 years. Now, we are in Colington. It is VERY different. It is beautiful and quiet here. It's a different kind of beautiful with Harry Potter size spiders and lots of mosquitos. Water to the right and water to the left. It's an island. :-)

  9. Michele, I was thinking Wings Across Time or Wings Over Time so when I saw Sherry's suggestion, I thought, "Yup, that could work too. Enjoy your new home!