Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Spooky Story: My Interview with Theresa Caputo

by Saralee Rosenberg

On this Halloween eve, what better time to share a true story about a woman who speaks to the dead? Not just on the candy and costume holiday, but every day of her life. And oh how the dead talk back.

Her name is Theresa Caputo, and if that rings a bell it’s because you know her as the star of her own reality show, Long Island Medium (TLC, Sundays, 9PM EST)

I recently had a chance to interview her for the December issue of Long Island Woman magazine and was delighted to discover that she is a warm, gracious and honest person. She also sat patiently as we discussed her life as a medium, her good-natured family and her sudden rise to stardom.

Afterward, everyone who knew that I was meeting with her wanted the scoop. What was she really like (Loved her!!) Did she pick up anything about me (Yes)? Does she really use as much hairspray as she says (Actually she uses more).

But what made this experience so (literally) hair-raising was how many strange things happened before and during our talk.

En route to her home, my GPS behaved as if it had been possessed by the Department of Wrong Moves. The navigation inexplicably sent me on a wild goose chase down local roads that sent me in the opposite direction I needed to travel. Then, the top of my trusty cassette recorder somehow popped off, rendering it useless. Then a sudden, from-out-of-nowhere downpour caused her publicist in NYC to show up two hours late, delaying the start of our interview.

It left a lot of extra time for us to get to know one another and for me to discover that Theresa Caputo does not play a medium on TV, she is the real deal. From the minute she entered the room, waves of energy surged through my body as if I had been plugged into an electrical socket.

Talk about good vibrations!

Though she barely knew my name, she immediately told me that my grandmother was my muse (I have always believed that). Then she told me that I was not a writer. I said, “That’s right. I’m a designated typist.” She laughed and said she was glad I understood that whatever I wrote was channeled. Understand that she thought I was a local reporter. She had no idea I was a novelist. Then she told me that she was connecting with me a lot of different levels and wondered  if I knew that I also had the ability to speak to the dead (I do know that).

A few minutes later the interview began and I asked if there was a famous dead person that she would like to interview. For some reason, I had written down Abraham Lincoln next to the question but didn’t mention his name. Then she responded, “I’ve channeled Abraham Lincoln. It was amazing.”
When I showed her my notes she jumped from her chair and screamed, “Ohmigod, what is happening here?”

No idea! But we had a good laugh and several other close encounters that convinced me that in the physical world she is a medium, though in the spirit world she is by all means an extra large!

As for her thoughts on speaking to the dead, she said, “Nobody needs a medium to communicate with loved ones. Just pay attention to all the signs and symbols around you and you’ll understand that loving messages come through for you every single day.”

Happy Halloween indeed.


  1. I love this post. I watch the show. She is so kooky but I absolutely believe in her gift and am so envious that you got to experience it!

  2. Great article...can't wait to read the whole thing in LI Woman.

  3. First hand BostonianDecember 8, 2013 at 11:52 AM

    I adore Theresa..... ~ athough not ALL believe in the concept, (or "Hocus Pocus"), that some of us have first hand experience with..... NO ONE could deny that some things can't and are not "explained" away..... peace ~

  4. Eh, i understand your desire to believe what she says; but it is obviously false. The fact that so many americans subscribe to this nonsense is frightening.

    1. To spencer ewens:
      Theresa is FALSE u say? Then how do U explain in her readings
      .she tells specific details from Spirit only Known by the loved one ?!

  5. I just caught my first episode of Long Island Medium, and yes I have been living under a rock. I love her! I can't get enough. It makes me wonder if the ability to talk to dead people is for everyone or just a select few.

  6. I am a believer. I read her book, which was a little too enlightening for me. While I was reading her book a few strange things happened like my living room clock which was not working started up one day and set itself to the right time. This battery operated clock does not have this ability normally. It has since stopped again. Also, the book mentions seeing a fly in the house in January, which I did. Unforatuately I killed the fly before I remembered if being mentioned in the book. Oops! I was wondering if anyone else had an experience like mine.

  7. I believe her and I love her heart.. I have been told by my own son that she and I are alot a alike , I really hope to meet her some day.

  8. Well...As much as I want to believe. ..I am as always skeptical. ..but open minded. ..Lord knows I've been through a lot of losses. ..if she makes people feel better then that's OK with me....

    1. no it's not okay, because she keeps people stuck in their grief when she charges $$$ by claiming to talk to their dead relatives, instead of allowing them to go through the healing process naturally.

  9. "she is a warm, gracious, and HONEST person?"...it's people like you that perpetuate this fraud, allow her to hurt & dupe so many, and have no credibility as a journalist.

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