Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Girlfriends Halloween Spooktacular-Win The Other Woman

On a day filled with goblins, ghosts, and ghouls we wish you a happy and safe Halloween.

Leave a comment about your best, worst, or most interesting Halloween costume. Two winners will be selected by to win Hank Phillippi Ryan's latest bestseller, THE OTHER WOMAN!

THE OTHER WOMAN is in its third week on the top ten of the Boston Globe Bestseller list (hitting number 2!) and is now in a second printing! It's an Indie Next Great Read and an RT Top Pick. The Booklist starred review called it "A perfect thriller..." and the starred review from Library Journal says: "Readers who crave mystery and political intrigue will be mesmerized by this..."

Hank Phillippi Ryan--who in her day job is a reporter for the NBC affiliate in Boston--has spent the last three days covering the storm--starting before dawn! And she has no power at her house! But she does have the power to give a signed copy of her newest thriller THE OTHER WOMAN to two lucky commenters!


  1. How's about a worst Halloween experience as a child and the reason why I still don't like Halloween?

    Let me preface this to say that when I was in first grade my best friend and neighbor was Walter. I was teensy tiny and Walter was super-sized. All the adults on the peninsula where we lived got a kick out of watching us pal around (per my mother).

    When I was almost six (birthday is Nov. 3) I dressed as a ballerina for Halloween. Walter, who had just turned six, dressed as a baseball player.

    We entered the costume contest at our recreation center.

    I won for the 3-4 year-old group. My prize was a purple elephant with a squeaker inside it.

    He won for the 8-10 year-old group. I can't remember what he won.

    I was DEVASTATED! My mom laughed. Everyone laughed. I cried. Walter consoled me.


  2. I'll save my terrible Halloween story for another time ...My son and his wife who are both mid-thirties dress up for Halloween every year. This year Nick was Slash and his wife Jodi was one of the girls from "Saved by the Bell". They looked awexome

  3. The costume I remember best is one I concocted out of my sister's old Maid of Honor dress, which had been homemade out of blue satin and was so old that it had been tossed into the ragbag and stored in an outbuilding that had served my parents first as a smokehouse, later as a henhouse, then as my playhouse (which was a huge amount of fun), and finally just for storage. I concocted a crown out of cardboard and went trick or treating as a princess. It was a fun costume to create, and I think that's why I remember it so well.

  4. Where I grew up you don't need a costume on Halloween. Just go out to the cemetery and walk around. You see, that cemetery is where the original Night of the Living Dead opened. And where quite a few of my cousins were (type) cast as zombies.

  5. Best costume? The year I went as a bunch of grapes. Worst costume? The year I went as a bunch of grapes...people kept popping me with cigarettes.

  6. Two years ago, Jonathan and I went as the Arcs, Joan and Noah.

    Lsst year, I was too busy to make a costume, so I added a cowboy hat to my Joan of Arc outfit, and went as Joan of Arkansas.

  7. lol @ "Joan of Arkansas" Hank.

    Many years ago, at the height of SNL's popularity, I spent weeks preparing my costume for Halloween.

    I bought long thin springs, black electrical tape, a yellow shirt and shorts, black tights (Yes, I was not going to let my masculine ego deter me from my mission) and two Styrofoam balls to place on top of the springs for antennae.

    That became the Halloween, which friends still refer to as, "Jeff, as the best Killer Bee, ever!"

    Ah, ‘memries’ like the corners of my Bee hind.