Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday Book Giveaway-The Perfect Poison

by Maggie Marr

Today I am giving away a copy of The Perfect Poison by Amanda Quick.  This is book 6 in the very successful Arcane Society series.

The Book Description as provided by the publisher:

Victorian London holds many secrets. But none are so closely guarded as those of the shadowy Arcane Society. In her suspenseful new novel,New York Times-bestselling author Amanda Quick delves into this underworld of passion, greed, and powers that lie beyond this realm . . .

Plagued by rumors that she poisoned her fiancé, Lucinda Bromley manages to live on the fringes of polite society, tending her beloved plants-and occasionally consulting on a murder investigation. For the notorious botanist possesses a unique talent: She can detect almost any type of poison, especially ones that have their origins in the botanical kingdom.

But the death of a lord has shaken Lucinda to her core. At the murder scene, she picks up traces of a poison containing a very rare species of fern. So rare, in fact, that only one specimen exists in all of England-and it was stolen from her conservatory just last month.

To keep her name out of the inquest and to find the murderer, Lucinda hires fellow Arcane Society member Caleb Jones who runs a psychical investigation agency. A descendant of the founder of the Society, Jones is very skillful at protecting its secrets-and frighteningly good getting at the truth. Immediately, Lucinda senses both a raw power and an undeniable intensity in the imposing man.

But as a nearly overwhelming desire blooms between Caleb and Lucinda, they are drawn into the dark heart of a deadly conspiracy that can be traced to the early days of the Arcane Society -and to a legacy of madness that could plunge Caleb into the depths of his own tortured soul. . . .

To win The Perfect Poison by Amanda Quick please leave a comment about your favorite Thanksgiving Food--I am preparing my menu today for our big feast and food is on my mind.  Also leave your email addy. will select the winner.  You must leave your comment by Sunday, 11.18, 11:59 pm to be entered to win.  

xo Maggie

Maggie Marr is an attorney, a former motion picture literary agent and the author of Hollywood Girls Club, Secrets of The Hollywood Girls Club, Can't Buy Me Love, numerous ghost-written projects, and the upcoming Courting Trouble.  She is a producer with Dahooma Productions and also writes for film and TV.  


  1. Well, my favorite Thanksgiving food is NOT a rare poisonous fern! Although my family probably thinks I'm close to it, cooking wise.
    Since I'm on Another diet, everything at Thanksgiving is my favorite, but if I can only have one thing, I'll eat the mincemeat pie. Alone. Step away!

    Fascinating book. Love historical fiction, and this sounds wonderful!

  2. My all-time favorite turkey day food is mirlitons (for those of you outside Louisiana, aka Chayote Squash) with shrimp. Here's a link just in case you're looking for one more thing to cook:

    An interesting book, especially the notion that she poisoned her fiancé...

  3. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia, but for every celebration my Mother makes her Port Wine Trifle. Just don't eat & drive!!


  4. OOh. I like the sound of that trifle! When my family lived in the Canal Zone, Panama, my parents hosted several British Marines for Christmas. Ahead of the holiday they donated their allocation of rum to a pudding they set to 'aging' for Christmas. YUM!!! Give me REAL Hard Sauce on a pudding or if you haven't 'aged' the pudding, just the Hard Sauce.