Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hoping this Road Doesn't Lead to Perdition by Jenny Gardiner

Hello! With good luck (and hopefully great weather) by now I should be well on my way to Rome! I left August 25 for a month-long trek from the Swiss Alps to Rome. Yes, by myself. With a 15-pound pack on my back and a great deal of optimism. By now I probably have freaked out, gotten lost, slept in some terribly uncomfortable beds in a convent or monastery along the way, but also met amazing people, learned a great deal about being resourceful, and please, dear God, finally figured out how to understand my Garmin GPS. I hope you'll follow me as I undertake this journey. I am walking part of an ancient pilgrimage route known as the Via Francigena, which extends from Canterbury, England to Rome. Walking the VF in its entirety would take three months to traverse, so I decided to take on a more manageable chunk of it. I hope to walk about 16 miles a day, and I will post on my blog while I am on the road. I hope you'll stop by and follow my adventure, and you can also find me posting on Facebook and Twitter (see below links). My blog will have details, including information about The International Rescue Committee, a charity I'm raising funds for while I do my walk (which I hope will total about 500 miles by the time I complete it). Hope you enjoy it! Jenny

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  1. I kept hearing about your "walk" and I didn't know it was THIS awesome. I wished we had talked about Italy before you left. I am going to check out your blog. So cool.