Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Life Lessons, or Things I Have Learned from Reading “Smutty,” “Trashy,” and “Dirty” Books by Megan Crane

1.     Stop thinking so much and so hard about yourself.  Think more about others and see what happens.

2.     Pain can be good.  It can lead you exactly where you need to go.

3.     The more you trust, the better it is.

4.     Ask for what you want.  Everything’s better when you do.

5.     “Perfect for you” isn’t the same thing as “perfect,” and vice versa.

6.     People always reveal themselves if you let them, for good or ill.

7.     The good stuff always happens when you take risks and stop hiding.

8.     Shame is another way of hiding.

9.     Did that really hurt or did you think it would?  They aren’t the same thing.  One is real.  The other is you trying to control everything.

10.  You don’t need to control everything.

11.  Unless you really DO need to control everything, in which case, falling in love is probably going to surprise the hell out of you.

12.  You’ll be amazed how much you can take, if you really want to.

13.  Likeminded people are one of life’s best gift.

14.  Communication is everything.

15.  Be who you are, whoever you are.  Because the people who unhesitatingly love the real you are worth however scary it is to show yourself.

Conclusion: You should probably read more erotica.

Megan Crane has been out, loud, and proud about her "trashy book" addiction since the seventh grade, which did not endear her to all the snooty adults who wanted her to read "real books."  (She tried that.  It was called graduate school and she's thrilled that didn't take.  Writing romance is way more fun than discussing postmodernism!)  Now she writes them under her own name or as her alter-ego, Caitlin Crews.  But she likes nothing more than curling up with someone else's book, the "dirtier" and "trashier" the better.  You can find out more at her website.


  1. Megan, I just adore you. This post rocks. Come to NY so we can hang!!

  2. Great post Megan, you can never, really, have too much erotica? Also, I finished Tempt Me Cowboy, and it is completely unfair that you should be that talented.


  3. Awesome list, Megan and I love that picture of you.

  4. Amazing post, Megan! I found myself nodding my head along to each of your points. It was a great reminder for me to take more risks, because that is how to get the rewards :)