Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer Reads, Make Me Feel Fine by Lucy Burdette

Speaking of summer reading, I’m going on a trip very soon that will strip all my usual distractions away, leaving me with snorkeling, snoozing, and reading for entertainment. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Until I realize I have to choose what to take on the plane (so that means paperbacks) and then hope it lasts for the week. (Is there anything worse than running out of reading material where there’s no bookstore, or the books are all in a foreign language?) I don’t really like reading on a Kindle, though I suppose we’ll take it along for back-up…

 So here are the books that are on the top of the pile:

Julie Hyzy’s GRACE AMONG THIEVES. I haven’t read the first two in this series about the curator of Marshfield Manor and her amateur sleuthing exploits but I adore Julie’s White House chef mystery series so I’m expecting good things.

Krista Davis’s THE DIVA DIGS UP THE DIRT. Krista’s series about a down-to-earth domestic diva living in charming Alexandria, Virginia with a wacky family is vintage cozy mystery—pure comfort reading.

Kristan Higgins, SOMEBODY TO LOVE. Kristan writes romantic comedies loaded with funny, heartwarming romance. The girl always ends up with the right guy, but not until she’s been through the wringer. I haven’t missed a one of these.

Barbara O’Neal’s THE GARDEN OF HAPPY ENDINGS. I love Barbara’s characters, and her love stories, and the way she writes about food. I was crazy about HOW TO BAKE A PERFECT LIFE so I’m certain to enjoy this one.

CJ Box’s FORCE OF NATURE. This is another mystery series that I follow religiously—because of the character, game warden Joe Pickett. He’s got a highly developed sense of responsibility for the western country and the animals who live on it—you can count on him getting in over his head and putting himself and his family in danger.

Sarah Healy, CAN I GET AN AMEN. New to me author, with a book about a woman returning home after a divorce to her conservative family and then finding her own brand of faith. She’s got cover blurbs from Janet Evanovich and Emily Giffin…just sayin’ I’m expecting good things.

I have more but I’m afraid that’s all that will fit in the suitcase. It makes me happy as a clam just to list them. Let me know if you have any last minute suggestions!

LUCY BURDETTE is the author of the Key West food critic mysteries--and she hopes you'll add them to your summer reading pile. AN APPETITE FOR MURDER starring aspiring food critic Hayley Snow is in stores now. DEATH IN FOUR COURSES hits bookshelves on 9/4. She would love to have you follow her on twitter or "like" her on facebook.


  1. I, too, take as many books I can fit in a suitcase on vacation! Enjoy the trip and, of course, the uninterrupted reading time. Great recs!

  2. thanks Brenda--I did once completely run out in Barcelona with a long plane ride home and absolutely nothing to read. Panic! panic! We managed to find a bookstore but there was precious little in English and I didn't much like what I ended up with...

  3. All of these sound fun. I've been hearing about that Amen book too. Where are you off to?

  4. We're going sailing. I'm strictly the ballast--me and my books:)

  5. I always take one book, and my Nook, but it's very loaded with egalleys and books I've bought. I'm going to try the Julie Hyzy White House series this summer, I really need something light to mix my books up. I work pt in a book store and we sell a LOT of your books!! I always smile when I'm able to sell a book from the GFBC:). Have a wonderful vacation!!

  6. Oh wonderful Anita--thanks for the kind words! I love the character in the white house chef books--so spunky and smart! I know some writers can't read other books in the same genre when they're writing, but I find it helps. Like with Julie, whose character is always finding stress and conflict at work. That made me slap my hand to my head--of course! Up the ante on Hayley's job!