Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summertime is Fun Time

by Maggie Marr

Some of my best reading occurs in the summer. The days feel longer--even though there are still only 24 hours. Maybe it is that sense of leisure that pervades the summer months: the children are out of school, the pool is open, mojitos flow freely....

Here are some of the books on my list for the summer.

ANY Guild Hunter book I can get my grubby little hands on!

Nalini Singh--where have you been all my life? And Raphael PLEASE send him to me.

Barbara O'Neal is a must read. Her craft is brilliant, her stories compelling, her characters so memorable.

Any Susan Elizabeth Phillips book I haven't read -- and maybe a couple I have.

Beauty Queens by Libba Bray -- I've been wanting to read this little lovely for FOREVER -- I picture it as Real Housewives of Beverly Hills meets Lord of The Flies meets Hunger Games...Can't wait!

Finally--Any book by any one of the Girlfriends--Take a look to your right at that list of names--click on any one of them and you will find fantastic books by amazing writers--I am so very lucky to call them my friends.

I've read a ton of the Girlfriends Books and never been disappointed, but they are a prolific bunch these girlfriends so I will be reading many of their books this summer. Click here to see some of the Girlfriends Books.

What is on your reading list this summer? Leave a comment and at the end of the day I'll give away a copy of Hollywood Girls Club and a copy of Can't Buy Me Love to two commenters selected by

Maggie Marr is an author, an attorney, and a former motion picture literary agent. She writes books and for film and tv. She lives in LA with her magical family. Please pick up a copy of Hollywood Girls Club, Secrets of The Hollywood Girls Club and Can't Buy Me Love--they are GREAT summer reads. Her latest book Courting Trouble publishes September 2012.


  1. beauty queens is the best book ever!

  2. Hey Maggie! Great post. And I totally love that Pinterest board-- what a wonderful idea!! I'm off to tweet about your contest....

  3. Great list! I will definitely be adding some of those to mine! Thanks Maggie!

  4. Thanks for the list...I expect Amazon to start sending me thank you notes at any time. I bounced from here to order SEP's new book, ended up ordering the one before it and two others. Yipes. I'm going to have to join a 12-step group soon.

  5. Love your list of summer reads, Maggie! I'm especially looking forward to reading a couple of Barbara O'Neal's novels that I have waiting for me, my friend Robin Bielman's debut novella and the book Overseas by Beatriz Williams that a friend sent me. It's been so busy here and far too long since I've just gotten to relax with a story...

  6. We're lucky to call yuo our friend too, Maggie! (Ooh, look: In honor of the Queen's Jubilee, I've adopted the royal "we".

  7. Thank you everyone! I can't wait to get started on all these books. They are just sitting beside my bed winking at me!

  8. Thanks, Maggie. Great selections