Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tonight's The Night

by Ariella Papa

Sometimes the goddess of Girlfriends Book Club scheduling (known to mere mortals as Karin) seems to send me some crazy good karma where I just wind up having a blog due on a date I need it. 
Tonight Thursday June 7 is the debut event of my new reading series, Authors Unbound. There will be wine, there will be cookies and most importantly there will be independent authors reading from their work and engaging with their fans.
I have written often for this blog about what I like and don’t like about the world of epublishing versus traditional publishing. It is new for so many of us and we are all struggling to find our place in it.
It’s hard sometimes when you sit here alone as we do, banging on your keyboard trying to map out these lives in your stories, to imagine the moment when the work is done. It’s a solitary life, but one of the carrots that dangles in front of you in a scary and exciting way is sharing that work with people. 
What I missed most when I published Momfriends was the celebration of the work being done. I missed the chance to physically read it to people, to meet new fans and get the support of old friends.
As publishing changes and the bookstores where I used to have signings turn into Trader Joe’s, I hope this debut of Authors Unbound will be the first of many nights that support independent authors. Our mission is to provide authors who epublish with events to share their work and connect with fans.
If you are in NYC tonight and you want to step in for readings and a discussion of epublishing, come on by and toast with us.
For more information on Authors Unbound go to

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  1. How exciting, Ariella! And what a wonderful thing you've created. Off to spread the word about Authors Unbound!!

  2. Wine and cookies, my favorite things. Wish I could be there!

  3. See you tonight. So excited! (and grateful to be a part of it) xo

  4. Authors Unbound sounds like a wonderful event, Ariella! Wish I lived close enough to NYC to be there, but I'll be thinking about you all and hoping you'll tell us all about the evening :).