Monday, January 7, 2013

Can't Write? Read About It. by Jacqueline Luckett

My holidays were a bit of a blur, in a good way. I put up a Christmas tree with the intention of settling on my couch and writing in front of the tree. I hoped to be inspired to write paragraphs about Christmas and the New Year.

Sat in front of said tree. Celebrated Christmas, the day after, and the days after that. Loved the tree. Loved the idea of writing in front of it. Didn't write a word. Not one blog post. Not one Christmas inspired essay. Not one resolution.

I've been a bit stuck. All on its own my brain decided I needed a break; time to regroup, to rest and ponder. And so I did—without guilt. I shopped, cooked, ate, drank, hung out with my mother, my son, and my friends. I bought a new TV and cancelled cable. Hooray!! I felt wonderful.

On the first day of January, I needed inspiration. As if reading my mind, a Facebook friend sent me an article by Ann Patchett. Write for an hour 32 days in a row and the habit implants itself, or so Ms Patchett contends.

In search of more inspiration (as if this wasn’t enough), I looked around the Internet to see what other authors had to say. I came across two interesting articles.

A lengthy interview with Philip Roth on getting ideas and convincing friends that “writing is a job.” (He, of all people, should know!)

Then there’s this obscure letter: from Greek-born Lafcadio Hearn to a friend where he writes about the beauty of words.

After reading all three articles, I committed to 32 days of writing and following up on my ideas (my job) with beautiful words. The break, and the reading, was exactly what I needed. Hopefully, these articles will inspire you as well. Scroll down and revisit some of the blogs on writing from my writing Girlfriends as well. Lots of inspiration there, too.

I’d like to add to my list. What’s a great article you’ve recently read on writing?

Jacqueline is an avid reader and lover of books, an excellent cook, aspiring photographer, and world traveler. She's the author of two novels, PASSING LOVE and SEARCHING FOR TINA TURNER, and currently at work on her third novel. Find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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