Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday Book Giveaway by Melissa Clark

Okay, there's this book, see, and it's been getting a lot of buzz, but I'll tell you upfront, I did not like it. But others do. I mean, Margaret friggin' Atwood gave it a blurb ("A seriously strange but funny plunge into the quest for authenticity.") If you Google the book, you will see the reviews, some glowing, some scathing, you will see articles and editorials, you will see 5 stars on Amazon and you will see 1 star. How has this book received so much attention? Are you curious? Are you interested? 

The book is "How Should a Person Be?" by Sheila Heti. I made it to page 178 before giving up. (It goes until 306.)

It is a hardback edition in pristine shape.

It is yours if you:

a) "follow" this blog (if you don't already)


b) leave a message in the "Comments" section below answering the simple question: How Should a Person Be? (and leave your email where I can contact you)

The winner will be chosen by on January 11th. I will announce the winner in the Comments section of this entry and we will take it from there.

Perhaps you will love it. Perhaps you will hate it. You'll only know once you win it. Good luck!

Melissa Clark does not attempt to answer the question How Should A Person Be? in her novels. Instead, she probes lazy sperm in Swimming Upstream, Slowly, and women who purr in Imperfect, both available as traditional and e-books. She blogs about various subjects on Connections Clark. Feel free to follow!


  1. Love this contest, Melissa! You've definitely piqued my curiosity about the book!!

  2. I've not heard of this book before, but you have certainly piqued my interest.

    As to HOW SHOULD A PERSON BE? goodness only knows because I don't.

    GFC: Mary Preston


  3. I think a person should be themselves and if they want to be better than that they should try to be kind to others. That's all, happy 2013!!
    I follow your blog by email: carlscott(at)prodigy(dot)net(dot)mx and I'd love to take this book out for a spin, thanks for the giveaway!

  4. I would like to read this book. I think How A Person Should Be is to not be trapped by emotions in response to life and life issues.

  5. The results of was #3, so that means Carl Scott is the winner. I will be in touch to get your address! Congrats! Move book giveaways on SATURDAYS here at GBC blog.